Problems with autocompletion and latest Flex 4 SDK

You may encounter some problems with code autocompletion when switching to one of the latest builds of Adobe Flex SDK, especially if you are using Flash Builder Beta 2 and not one of the latest prerelease builds. Flash Builder will be unable to complete class names and add imports from flash.* package. This is because Adobe is getting ready to include playerglobal.swc for version 10.1 of Flash Player.

To make autocompletion work again, you need to:

  1. Rename folder <sdk install dir>/frameworks/libs/player/10.0 to 10
  2. Remove all occurences of “.{targetPlayerMinorVersion}” from flex-config.xml file located in <sdk install dir>/frameworks.
  3. If SDK you are currently modifying is your current one – restart Flash Builder. If not, you may just switch to it without restarting.

Hope that helps!


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