iCal shows duplicate reminders after enabling iCloud

Today I launched iCal and noticed that all my entries were duplicated. Removing unnecessary copies would be so time consuming it’s not even funny. After I opened Calendars List, it showed two sets of calendars – On My Mac and iCloud. Unchecking every calendar in one of them, even thought seemed to help, was not a real solution. Luckily real fix is equally simple. It worked for me, hopefully will help someone:

Quit iCal, go to System Preferences and navigate to iCloud. Uncheck Calendars, confirm and then check Calendars again. Confirm again if needed and launch iCal. You should only see a list of iCloud calendars and no duplicates!

  1. Brenda said:

    This might work for you, but the whole point of iCloud is to have a *copy* of your calendar in the cloud where it’s accessible by *all* of your devices.

    The copies aren’t unnecessary. That’s the whole point of using the cloud.

    • I don’t think you understood what above post was about.
      In some cases, enabling iCloud causes each reminder to appear twice in your calendar. On all of your devices. This is definitely not a feature.

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